1.      Hear the blessed Saviour calling the oppressed,

        “O ye heavy laden, come to Me and rest;

       Come, no longer tarry, I your load will bear,

      Bring Me ev’ry burden, bring Me ev’ry care.”

     Come unto Me; I will give you rest;

     Take My yoke upon you, hear Me and be blest;

     I am meek and lowly, Come and trust My might;

    Come, My yoke is easy, come my burden’s light.

2.  Are you disappointed, wand’ring here and there,

    Dragging chains of doubt and loaded down with care?

    Do unholy feelings struggle in your breast?

    Bring your case to Jesus, He will give you rest.

3.  Stumbling on the mountains dark with sin and shame,

     Stumbling tow’rd the pit of hell’s consuming flames,

    By the pow’rs of sin deluded and oppressed,

   Hear the tender Shepherd, “Come to Me and rest”

4.  Have you cares of business, cares of pressing debt?

    Cares of social life or cares of hopes unmet?

    Are you by remorse or sense of guilt depressed,

    Come right on to Jesus, He will give you rest.

5.   Have you by temptations often conquered been,

     Has a sense of weakness brought distress within?

    Christ will sanctify you, if you”ll claim His best,

   In the Holy Spirit, He will give you rest.