1. Impatient heart, be still!

    What tho’ He tarries long?

    What tho’ the triumph song is still delay’d?

    Thou hast His promise sure,

    And that is all secure;

    Be not afraid! Be not afraid!

    Be still! … be still!

    Impatient heart … be still!

  1. My eager heart, be still

    Thy Lord will surely come,

    And take thee to His home,

    With Him to dwell;

    It may not be today;

    I cannot tell, I cannot tell.

    Be still!… be still!

    My eager heart … be still!

  2. My anxious heart, be still!

    Watch, work, and pray, and then

    It will not matter when

    Thy Lord shall come;

    At midnight, or at noon;

    He cannot come too soon

    To take thee home, To take thee home.

    Be still! … be still!

    My anxious heart … be still!