DCLM Daily Manna 21 October 2021 — Gravity Of Perversions

DCLM Daily Manna 21 October 2021 Devotional by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi — Gravity Of Perversions

TOPIC: Gravity Of Perversions (DCLM Daily Manna 21 October 2021)

📜 TEXT:2 KINGS 17:24-41📜

12 If thou shalt hear say in one of thy cities, which the Lord thy God hath given thee to dwell there, saying,

13 Certain men, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which ye have not known;

14 Then shalt thou enquire, and make search, and ask diligently; and, behold, if it be truth, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought among you;

15 Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword.

16 And thou shalt gather all the spoil of it into the midst of the street thereof, and shalt burn with fire the city, and all the spoil thereof every whit, for the Lord thy God: and it shall be an heap for ever; it shall not be built again.

17 And there shall cleave nought of the cursed thing to thine hand: that the Lord may turn from the fierceness of his anger, and shew thee mercy, and have compassion upon thee, and multiply thee, as he hath sworn unto thy fathers;

18 When thou shalt hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep all his commandments which I command thee this day, to do that which is right in the eyes of the Lord thy God.

🔑📖KEY VERSE: “So they feared the LORD, and made unto themselves of the lowest of them priests of the high places, which sacrificed for them in the houses of the high places…and served their own gods, after the manner of the nations whom they carried away from thence” (2 KINGS 17:32, 33).


One of the glaring effects of globalisation is the gradual fusion of different cultures, beliefs and lifestyles into one. These days, we are also beginning to see a mixture and fusion of different religions. For instance, “Chrislam,” a movement which is a blend of Christianity and Islam, is becoming a popular movement in Nigeria and the United States.

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The leaders of the Assyrian nation which conquered Israel came face to face with the harsh realities of the consequences of syncretism in worship – that is, mixing up idol worship with the worship of the true God. After the nation of Israel had been carried away from their land as a result of their sins, the Assyrians who conquered them brought other nations to occupy their lands. These new occupants of the land of Israel brought with them their various idols. Though they appeared to be worshipping God, they did not give up their idol worship. This provoked God and moved Him to visit them with judgment. God cannot be placed side by side with idols.

There are people who claim to have been converted to Christianity from their former religions but still bring some of the elements of their former beliefs into the faith and church. There are even some churches today that have imported some practices from heathen religions into their worship styles. One is not surprised then when these so-called believers keep complaining of satanic attacks, afflictions from their ancestral pasts as well as other strange experiences.

True believers must ensure a complete and total break from their past. If you are truly born again and have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, He alone must be the One you worship. There must not be a divided loyalty between Christ and other gods. You must be willing to make a clean break from all your former belief systems.

✍🏽THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: You cannot serve God and mammon!




1. Fear of God without moral transformation
a. “They feared the Lord”, v32. “They feared the Lord”, v33. “They feared not the Lord, v34. Any contradiction?
b. The fear they had for the Lord was just to avoid being killed by lions and not that they willingly surrendered their hearts to serve the Lord, vv25,26.
c. It is a fear of judgement that is really void of the fear of the Lord that gives all reverence, obedience and loyalty to God.
d. The fear is a ritualistic fear that showed in outward religious observances without inward experiences.
e. It is not a reverential fear for God that keeps from evil but a fear that is void of full surrender and submission to God without inward righteousness and new life, 2 Corinthians 5:17.
f. It is a fear that produces outward show of religion that is not detached from old sinful way of life, vv33,34.
g. It is a fear of God that lacks the power or the will to detach totally from “former manners”. See “former manners” repeated in vv34,40.
h. It is a superficial and hypocritical fear that is eager to know the way of God and after knowing it gave excuses for not walking in it, vv26,28, 33. “Yet ye seek me daily”, Isaiah 58:1,2.

2. Fear of God producing moral transformation
a. It is the fear that worships and serves only the Lord without any rivalry, Matthew 4:10.
b. It is the fear of God that casts out fear of any fear of repercussions from any idol, both human and spiritual, I John 4:18, Hebrews 13:6. “Ye shall not fear other gods”, v35.
c. It is the fear that fears falling into anything contrary to the will of God and is determined to pay any price for it, Hebrews 5:7.
d. It is the fear that propels people, like Noah, to move in line with the word and will of God without delay, Hebrews 11:7.
e. It is the fear that literally distance itself or run away from any objects of temptation like Joseph did, Genesis 39:9,12.
f. It is the only type of fear that can only be given after becoming a new creature in Christ, 2 Corinthians 5:7.
g. It is not a slavish fear but the fear of God that cannot be separated from the love of God, I John 4:18.

What type of fear do you have for God? Slavish or reverential fear?


1. Ask God to give you deeper fear that runs from every appearance of sin like Joseph🙏
2.Ask for fear of God like Noah to always move in the direction of God’s will and command without delay 🙏
3. Ask for Jesus kind of fear that will fear offending or disappointing God in love🙏
4. Pray to God that the fear of God will rule the hearts of His children without ever taking God and His word for granted🙏



1 O Jesus, I have promised
To serve thee to the end;
Be thou forever near me,
My Master and my friend;
I shall not fear the battle
If thou art by my side,
Nor wander from the pathway
If thou wilt be my guide.

2 O let me feel thee near me!
The world is ever near:
I see the sights that dazzle,
The tempting sounds I hear.
My foes are ever near me,
Around me and within;
But, Jesus, draw thou nearer,
And shield my soul from sin.

3. O let me hear thee speaking
In accents clear and still,
Above the storms of passion,
The murmurs of self-will.
O speak to reassure me,
To hasten or control;
O speak, and make me listen,
Thou guardian of my soul.

4. O Jesus, thou hast promised
To all who follow thee
That where thou art in glory
There shall thy servant be.
And, Jesus, I have promised
To serve thee to the end;
O give me grace to follow,
My Master and my friend.

DCLM Daily Manna was written by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi; is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church situated at KM 42 on the busy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria.

1. Admit that you are a sinner. "For all [humans] have sinned, and comes short of the glory of God....[and] the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 3:23)
2. Repent now. "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out ...[for] if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness " (Acts 3:19, 1 John 1:9)
3. Believe that God loves you and Jesus died for you. "God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet Sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8)
4. Invite Jesus into your life through prayer of faith. Jesus says, "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me" (Revelation 3:20)